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Tandem Jump
Tandem Jump + Photos & Videos

Tandem Skydiving Over Moorea

Discover the love of skydiving and free-falling above the beautiful island of Moorea. A unique way to see one of the most amazing lagoons in the world and discover French Polynesia from the sky with a rush of adrenaline.

Dream beaches, mountains, bays, channels, tropical forests, and waterfalls will make for a completely new experience.


  • Personalized instruction & safety briefing
  • A breathtaking 25-minute scenic flight as we ascend to 10,000 feet
  • Epic freefall up to 45 seconds
  • Peaceful parachute ride down
  • Use of the latest modern equipment

After your parachute opens, you can take in a view of Moorea that few people ever see. On a clear day, it is possible to see the other society islands.

Whales are back for the winter months (July to October).

As you fly to the landing area, you see spectacular views of Otemanu Mount and the 44 shades of blue between the lagoon, the reefs, and the ocean. You can also see whales and other marine life.

Meeting Point: Temae Airport, Moorea

Moorea is 30 minutes from Tahiti by ferry boat; quick and easy access.


  • No scuba diving at least 24 hours prior to your jump
  • Maximum weight: 90kgs
  • Minimum weight: 40kgs
  • All minors MUST have written parental consent to jump if not accompanied by their authorized guardian.