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Sport & Wingsuit Skydiving


We welcome sport jumpers for skydiving in an amazing scenery. Please contact for any information


General conditions for the practice of parachuting in Moorea, excluding tandem jumps:

  • It is recommended to have your own parachute
  • Be physically fit. It is, therefore, necessary to get a yearly medical certificate allowing you to skydive and issued by a doctor “aviation medicine” or “sport” certified
  • Have at least 100 Jumps with 10 in the past 6 months + have at least the french BPA (Brevet de Parachutisme Autonome). 
  • French B licence owners need to have a French B2 level for RW jumps (2 ways and more)
  • A french B3 level for CF jumps
  • A french Bi4 or B4 for 3 ways and more free-fly jumps
  • Jumpers with foreign licences will jump with the rules associated with their licence and will have to buy a foreigner licence (U$ 40)
  • Wingsuit Jumps: You’ll need 220 skydives at least, with 20 wingsuit jumps on the same wingsuit model than the one you’re gonna fly here, with at least 1 wingsuit jump with this model within the past 6 months. You will make a “normal” jump before the wingsuit jump to familiarize with the dropzone
  • Using a camera: You’ll be allowed to jump with a camera if you have 200 jumps and a working cutaway system on your helmet Having your own rig is recommended